Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You, me...and the weather

It is becoming very clear that nothing in life is simple. You can create something to do almost anything for anyone at anytime. You can create (wait for it...) software to monitor disk space such as Disk Monitor ( http://www.diskmonitor.net/ ). You can also create software to make it look like your at work when your actually at home. Now ask yourself one question.....what in the world can we NOT control or create anything to control it?.......Yes.....the weather. So, I woke up, showered, took the dog out..........in the SNOW. Yes overnight the heavens had opened and dropped a whole load of the white stuff. I was subsequently snowed in and driving would have been a nightmare and also extremely dangerous. So a home day was called for and I was quite happy as I had set Disk Monitor on my work PC to email me if anything needed sorting out. Low and behold I got an email at 9:30am informing me that the mailserver had crossed its space threshold. I jumped on the VPN connection to the office and deleted some pretty large log files to clear some space. So in short......I saved the day without even leaving the house.

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