Thursday, 13 November 2008

Todays life NEEDS software

In todays society it is an accepted fact that people need a computer, a connection to the internet and 'Life Software'. Ok, perhaps not everyone actually needs ALL of these things but for anyone under the age of 101 its is becoming a necessity. We need software to share our photos, listen to our music, create our webpage, write our blog and talk to our Auntie in Australia. Software is the key to todays busy, lightening paced life and I'm going to let you into a little secret.........its going to get worse, if of course 'worse' is actually the correct word to use. 'Life Software' is helping many people in many different ways, from staying in contact with others thousands of miles away, sharing thoughts and managing projects to helping to stay alive. Ok the last is a little far fetched but its coming and it not that far away. Imagine your crossing the road and you get hit by a car, your mobile/PDA will contact the emergency services which will in turn check your health insurance and tell the ambulance where to take you to be treated. The hospital will know all of your details before you arrive. Your mobile will already have contacted your work and next of kin through some huge civilian database which is being updated a million times a second with data from around the world. And of course, finally, you will leave hospital a few days later with the bill for you care already on the door mat.

It is a fact of life that data is taking over the world and will always be faster than anything we will ever invent. The key to keeping it in check is to know where, when and how to use it to make our life easier and not to use it as a weapon against each other.

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