Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Where does all the time go?

Well its been a while since the last DiskMonitor post but its been a very busy few months. We've had the launch of the new version 5 and also the 'service' version. Both have had amazing success and its been great to have so many positive comments. There will be more products in the pipeline for 2010 which I will keep everyone informed about.

Anyway, back to the time issue......I recently got an email from an old server which controls our phone logs (not that important really and I hadn't worked on it for about 8 months) telling me that the hard drive was nearly full....'No problem'...I thought. So I took a short trip to the server to do some housekeeping only to find that the hard drive was whirring away and probably on its last legs. I spent the next 2 hours getting a new server together and migrating all my stuff over to it. Low and behold on the reboot of the old failing died :(

DiskMonitor strikes again (in a roundabout kind of way) :)

Happy Monitoring !!