Wednesday, 29 October 2008

When people are using Disk Monitor they ask me whether the disk market will every really change to solid state and will this have a knock-on effect when using disk monitoring software. 

It has been said that, within the next ten years, SSD (Solid State Drives) will replace the standard hard drive, and in the interim HDD / SSD hybrids are likely to increase in popularity as the storage technology of choice.  

I am pretty sure that in years to come the solid state hard disk market will boom with more and more companies using solid state in laptops, small computers, PDA's etc. The reason why the technology will become even more popular will be down to a handful of main advantages :

1. Length of battery life on laptops, etc will be greatly increased.

2. Cost will continue to fall

3. Reliability will increase due to zero moving parts.

As far as software goes (if its any good), it will just carry on working exactly how it would normally as the process will still be the same.

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